1. […] In the future, 3D Matter plans to work on even more filaments, including flexible materials, Nylon, PET, PC and more.  There’s a growing amount of research for industrial 3D printing, made available at high prices for businesses and investors. What’s most exciting about the firm’s reports, so far, is that offer much needed data on prosumer 3D printing, giving Makers an opportunity to better understand the market of materials available to them.  As 3D Matter continues to grow its research, I’m excited to see what they come up with.  And what they come up with might be dictated by you, as the firm writes, “Currently, 3D Matter is testing various materials to broaden its understanding of the current market. If you would like to design a test tailored to your requirements in terms of filaments and/or printer, please contact us at: [email protected] /* */.”  For now, though, read the full report here. […]

  2. Juan Mora

    You missed the PLA+ and ABS+ from eSun. you compared their standard filament with other premium. i would thanks in advance for the comparation!

    • 3D Matter

      Hi Juan, we are actually going to test these two filaments soon and include the results in our new optimization tool Optimatter (www.optimatter.com). Check back with us in a few months!

    • 3D Matter

      Hi Dilan, at the time we published this study, Push Plastic was not offering ABS. That’s why it was not included in our testing.

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