1. Carl

    First off, a tetrahedron mesh for the stool is not the optimal way to model that. Simple beam elements would be sufficient. I’m not sure what your aspect ratio is through the thickness of the stool members are, but tetrahedrons, especially 4 noded tets, a have a mathematical phenomena call shear stiffening which can yield inaccurate FEA results.

    Secondly, what about buckling? The stool could collapse with out reaching yield or ultimate stress.

    Lastly, you are also making the same mistake as many people across world of additive manufacturing by assuming that a sample size of 3 to 5 is sufficient to create a design allowable. Look into how MMPDS (aka mil-handbook-5) generates material design allowables. You should use caution using the term “engineering” solutions in any of your products, unless you have a licensed Professional Engineer on staff, because you could get someone hurt if you don’t truly understand what you are doing.

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