3D Matter provides engineering solutions to make 3D printed parts functional


Materials data

3D Matter has developed OptiMatter, a model predicting the properties of printed materials. It provides a wide range of data on materials, technologies and parameters in the form of easy-to-browse datasheets. It helps users choose the best materials and the best printing parameters for their applications. 

3D printed parts’ properties are currently not well understood because traditional testing methods cannot be directly applied to the 3D printing process. 3D Matter has developed a unique testing procedure that enables a full characterization of 3D printed materials. Find the full description of our methodology here.

Data you can trust
Better design, better printing process
  • Plan your design with material properties in mind
  • Choose the right material for your application
  • Get the best suppliers for your needs
  • Find out the optimal printing parameters

Sign up at to get access to OptiMatter. Full access to Optimatter is completely free for personal and academic use!

Drive more traffic to your 3D printing ecommerce business with a material Reseller accounts – charged at $29 / month.

If you are a material supplier, you can sign up to the Supplier plan ($99 / month) and send us your materials to test as well.

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Mechanical analysis

For users who plan to use 3D printing to manufacture finished products, 3D Matter provides a mechanical analysis to predict parts failure. We conduct static linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine displacement and stress you can expect for your design, under the set of constraints and loads you provide us.

We can predict the behavior of any part printed in materials present in our materials model OptiMatter.

Technologies modeled
Report deliverables
    • Stress and displacement profiles
    • Quantified assessment of failure point
    • Results explanation & change suggestions
  • FEA results 3D files


Find out more here and fill in the request form to get a quote.

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Engineering Solutions

For designers, engineers or industrials who are looking for an integrated solutions, we offer full consulting services on a project basis. We use the tools described above, as well as internal tools we have developed, to bridge the gap between design and production:

We work closely with our clients to develop a solution from design to manufacturing. We have an iterative process that incrementally narrows down the best manufacturing process, material, design features and production solution.

We work with design firms at New Lab to complement our work when we do not have the skills in house.

Reach out to us at for more information.

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