• 3D Matter

      We have not yet tested Nanovia’s filaments, but would be happy to if the supplier gets in touch with us. The full list of the materials we have tested is shown on Optimatter’s homepage

  1. Ed

    Very informative thank you. A List of filaments tested would be nice. I have been using Mitus brand Abs and Abs +, been very happy with them. Not only made in the USA under $25 per 2 pound spool.

    • 3D Matter

      Hi Ed, we don’t claim to have tested every brand, but I think we have most of the main ones used out there (but not Mitus indeed). The full list can be found on the homepage of our data platform OptiMatter.

  2. Looks awesome, thank you for that! Good to see Colorfabb on top in a lot of categories, my favorite brand. Also great to see Inofill (Ultimaker) and Taulman listed.

    I would recommend to test PLA Tec / Biofila from German brand TwoBEars. It’s an awesome filament, good heat tolerance (120 degrees), great overhang performance (70%), beautifull tatile and visual… also easy to print. My overall filament nowadays.

    • 3D Matter

      Thanks for your feedback Fernando! We’ll try to get in touch with the companies you mention, and hopefully they will be part of our analysis for the next iteration.

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