1. Tim Kay

    Hi Team

    Could we provide a link to your post on our stores and maybe one of your photos as a header

    No worries if we cant, Its a great read thankyou

    • 3D Matter

      Hi Tim, feel free to share our studies on your websites: we want to reach as many viewers as possible!

      3D Matter

    • 3D Matter

      Hi, we are using the ASTM D638 standard recommendations for Type 4 specimens: extending the material at 50mm/min.

          • hongyuanFU

            What are the dimensions of your test piece? you give the cross section ,and can you tell me the height of the test piece?

          • 3D Matter

            The dimensions are all specified in the testing standard ASTM D638, with specimen Type 4 (designed for flexible materials). If you research it online you will have all the dimensions.

    • 3D Matter

      Hi Moha, you can print flexible filament on most printers, but depending on the extruder setup it can be very difficult sometimes. The main issue is: if there is a gap between the pulley dragging the filament and the tube leading it into the hot end, the filament is likely to bend and get stuck in the extruder. You may need to change the extruder to be able to print flexible filaments in that case.

      This link shows the issues with flexible filaments quite well and gives advice on how to best print them:

  2. Z122

    What are the two printers used for these tests? What are the diameters of filament used 1.75 or 2.85/3 ? Have you also tested the printability differences with and without a direct drive extruder versus a Bowden tube. Thx in advance for your replies.

    • 3D Matter

      Hi, the two printers used in this test are the Colido v2.0 and the Makergear M2, and the filaments are all 1.75mm. We have only used direct drive extruders for this study, mainly because flexible filaments are easier to print on direct drive extruders.

  3. Kelly Jeans

    For me, Innoflex is the best filament. I usually use it with Innova 1800 printer that I have bought last year on my birthday. The combination of Innoflex with Innova1800 is perfect for me. I hardly get a serious issue using them. Thanks Innofil3D & RepRap.

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